Saturday, 10 March 2012



1. FCNR Accounts in Banks
2. Derivatives trading
3. Online trading of futures and options
4. Commodity derivatives
5. Educational loans from public sector banks
6. Personal loans in private sector banks
7. Self Help groups and micro finance
8. Liberalization and exports
9. American Depository receipts
10. Global Depository receipts
11. Retail Lending
12. Availability & Utilisation of Bank Finance for Working Capital Needs-A Study
13. Study of variations in the price level of essential commodities and their effect on the public.
14. Study of stock broking operations in Hyderabad Stock Exchange(HSE).
15. Children’s Savings Schemes – A comparative study of schemes offered by selected banks.
16. Informal Mutual Credit Association – A study of informal chit funds.
17. A study of Cost Control Techniqes of two manufacturing units.
18. Financial Structure of two/three Advertising Agencies in the Twin cities.
19. Issue of season tickets by the APSRTS – A Cost Benefit Analysis.
20. Working of Housing Finance Companies – A case study of HDFC/LIC/AB Homes / Deeven Housing    
      Finance Corporation/Any other company.
21. SEBI and Investor Protection – A study.
22. Portfolio Management Practices of UTI/LIC/Mutual Fund.
23. Problems of stock brokers vis-à-vis the share transfers.
24. Performance of Non-Banking Finance Companies – A study of selected companies in Twin Cities of
      Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
25. Problems and Prospects of Non-Banking Finance Companies.
26. Management of Non-Banking Finance Companies – A study of selected units.
27. Policies and practices of Lease Accounting – A study of selected companies.
28. Policies and practices of Lease Accounting – A study of selected companies.
29. Financial Services – Growth and Development – A study of selected companies.
30. Emerging Trends in Merchant Banking – A study of selected companies.
31. Trends in Mutual Funds – A case study.
32. Working Capital Management in Small Scale Units – A study of selected units.
33. Sources and Applications of Funds – A case study.
34. Impact of Liberalisation on Capital Market.
35. Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Banking Sector – A study of selected Banks.
36. Problems and Prospects of Venture Capital – A case study.
37. Dividend Policies and Practices – A comparative study between a Public Sector Company and a Private
      Sector Company.
38. Working of National Stock Exchange (NSE).
39. Working of SEs in India – A comparative study of BSE and NSE.
40. Effect of Liberalisation on Savings and Investments in India.
41. Effect of changes in Monetary Policy on the performance of NBFCs – A study.
42. Liberalisation and the Recent Trends in Financial Intermediation.
43. Working of IDBI/UTI/ICICI/LIC etc.
44. Role of HDFC in providing Housing Finance to middle and high income groups.
45. Working of Auto Finance Companies – A case study.
46. Mergers and Acquisitions in India – A study
47. Role of Institutional and small investors in Capital Markets in India.
48. Status of Equity Research in India.
49. Sickness in Small Scale Units – A study.
50. Issue Management
51. Liberalisation and Integration of Financial Markets
52. Accounting Standards – some issues.
53. Management Control Systems – A case study
54. Performance of Multi National Companies (MNC’s) A study
55. Current Swaps: An Instrument of International Finance
56. Foreign Direct Investments FDI.
57. Fostering Investor Confidence – Some Implications
58. National Depository System
59. The Changing Role of Commercial Banks in India.
60. Insider Trading – Effects on Stock Returns.
61. Equity Share Valuation : A study of Pharmaceutical/Cement/Textiles Industry.
62. Equity Investment and Economic growth in India.

1. H R Planning & Recruitment – Comparison between PSU and Private Sector Companies.
2. H R P in Public Sector Organization – A Case Study.
3. H R D Strategies - Comparison between PSU and Private Sector Companies.
4. H R M Practices in an organization – A case Study.
5. Impact of Training on the performance of employees – A case Study.
6. Selection and Recruitment practices in an organization – A Case Study.
7. Application of Appraisal strategies in an organization – A case Study.
8. Labour/Employee Turnover – A Case Study.
9. Settlement and Grievances Handling in an organization – A Case Study.
10. Role of H R M department in Turnaround management
11. Role of H R M department in a Growing organization.
12. Role of H R M department in ERP (SAP / People soft)
13. H R Accounting
14. Alignment between process requirements & Governance capabilities in B P O.
15. Philosophy of H R Management
16. Culture and Cross border Mergers & Acquisitions
17. High Skill Equilibrium.
18. High Skill Eco System.
19. Knowledge Transfer through Inheritance
20. Talent Management
21. Knowledge Management.
22. Affect of Leadership on Performance of the Organization.
23. Career stagnation causes and effects on the Individual / Organization.
24. Organizational effectiveness through HRD in the change Liberalized markets.
25. Organizational Climate and Leadership of an Organization a comparative study.
26. Design of Personal Information System for an organization.
27. Job satisfaction and Health of employees in an organization.
28. Reward system – a tool for promoting desired organizational performance a case study.
29. Identification of training needs of security personnel in an organization.
30. HRD strategies and Industrial Relations – a case study.
31. Planning and Identifying HRD interventions for solving organizational problems a study.
32. Role of change agent (External / internal) in an organization.
33. Role of HRD in TQM.
34. Various Incentive schemes a comparative study.
35. Work Measurement and wage payment plans.
36. Study of Employee morals and attitudes.
37. Pay Revision Management.
38. Wage fixing administration.
39. Quality of work life
40. Motivation and morale
41. Dignity of Labour
42. Performance appraisal and counseling
43. Training needs and analysis
44. Positive force field analysis and change management
45. HRM consultants
46. E-Learning
47. Paperless office


1. Project report on "New Product Research" (with Power back up system).
2. A study on channels of Distribution for refrigerators.
3. Marketing opportunities for Laptop computers in India.
4. A study of product attributes preferences of the customers Of LCVS.
5. A Study of the Distribution System of Modern Bakeries Limited (India) Hyderabad Unit.
6. Market Potential Study for Export Oriented Industries.
7. A study of Super Markets/Hyper markets/Malls with special emphasis on Consumer attitude.
8.Evaluation for Consumer awareness of Watches.
9. A project report on the effectiveness of any consumer products Advertising Campaign.
10. Dissertation on Buyer behaviour - A Study of Televisions.
11. Project Report on Product positioning of watches.
12. A study of MIS in a company dealing with Industrial goods- Ref. To Steel and Cement Industries.
13. Competitors Marketing Strategies of Refrigerators.
14 "New Product Launch" - A case study on cool Drinks.
15. Formulation of Advertising Plan for a Consumer Product.
16. Market Potential for Mosquito Repellents - A Market Survey.
17. Importance of Dealers in Placements Promotion of Electrical Home Appliances.
18. Advertisement impact on Consumers with reference to EMCG Industries.
19. Marketing Management practices in Industries.
20. Consumer attitude towards colour TV's and evaluation of Advertising strategies by manufacturers.
21. Effect of media on advertising-like TV, Magazines and newspapers.
22. Survey of Black and White TV’s with reference to popular brands.
23. Consumer buying behaviour on different consumer product companies.
24. Product positioning of select Consumer products.
25. "Study on Service Industry" on their Marketing strategies. 20
26. "Study of Consumer satisfaction" with reference to ceramic industries
28. Study on Hospitality of Modern Hotels-and their Marketing strategies
29. "Growth of Super Markets" - multi-specialty shops with ref. to retail outlets.
30. Survival strategies of companies to compete with MNC's.
31. Study of Brand Loyalty among customers.
32. Consumer satisfaction is a Aim and Goal of today’s marketers- a case study of any
products (Durables/ Non-Durables).
33.Marketing strategy of various Airline operators.
34. Study of surplus distribution of selected companies.
35. Growth and development of cable TV networks
36. Marketing strategies of any private sector and public sector organizations.
37. Marketing health care products.
38. Rural marketing strategies of goods like radio/ FM radios.
39. Marketing dairy products- a study of Vijaya/Heritage
40. Direct Marketing strategies of various companies like vacuum cleaners, fitness equipment
41. A study of Tele Marketing, Internet marketing of various domestic products.
42.Marketing strategies of various regional Edible oil brands.
43.Marketing strategies of various net-work marketing companies.
44. Marketing strategies of private life Insurance companies.
45. Marketing strategies of Auto financing companies.
46. Marketing strategies of Two wheeler’s- a study of motor cycles.
47.Market potential on Medical Insurance offered by various banks- a case study.
48.A study of health tourism.
49.A study of consumer preferences towards various holiday resorts.
50.A study on soft toys market-a case study.
51.A case study of geysers market or water purifiers.
52.A case study of Branded PC’s versus Assembled PC’s.
53.A study of consumer durables- with reference white goods such as AC’s and Washing
54.Marketing of life products like jewellery.
55.A study of growing small car market in Hyderabad city.

The above topics are general for project work the topic has to be studied in the context of any specific business organization of set of organizations or a comparative study between two or three organizations. These topics could also be combined like “pay revision management and quality of work life (with special reference to / in) ………………… organization. The list is not exhaustive .You can think of working on any other topic in consultation with your project guide.



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